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Glycemic Index (IG) - classification of food products based on their effect on blood glucose levels in 2-3 hours after their consumption (postprandial glycemia). 

The glycemic index is defined as the average percentage increase in blood glucose after ingestion, by a statistically representative group of people, of a portion of the product containing 50 grams of digestible carbohydrates. An increase in blood sugar in the case of consumption of 50 grams of glucose was taken as the basis of the scale (100%).


            blood glucose after consuming 50 g of carbohydrates


IG = ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------- * 100


                 blood glucose after consuming 50 g glucose


    To determine the glycemic index, give the product in the amount of 50 grams of available carbohydrates to the control group of people. Then for two hours, every 15 minutes, the blood sugar level is tested. It was found that the average value is reproducible, and studies performed in different groups of people give similar results. The results in people with diabetes are comparable to the results obtained in healthy people.